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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Pop the legs out like this

The French student and boyfriend aren't here yet. Mitch and Susie listen to Pete serenade us over the internet. He's sitting in a bathroom in Liverpool. He's distorted digitally, at his end. We sit round the table. A huge turkey. Debs has used a stick of butter and red wine. Shannon carves, cuts it down the middle. Pops the wings out. There's roasted veg, basmati rice, and salad. I'm on a diet, not a weight loss one, I can't eat the basmati. We drink red wine out of large thick dollar store glasses. Prints, watercolours, Ken's photographs of Greece. Zorro miaows. She climbs on the table. We can't feed her enough, she gets poor nutrition from the food since the cancer. As she gobbles, she stays alive. Rachel arrives, in cute dungarees and T-shirt, bubbles. Electro-pop Lyons, says Patrick is a cool teacher. 'Oh little sweetie'. She cuddles Zorro. She feeds Zorro bits of chicken. Amos arrives with his ridgeback, a beautiful bronze colour. We talk, Deborah disappears. When everyone leaves, we find her. She has fallen asleep on the couch.

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