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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Collegium chat

Wot I wrote for the choir blog this week ...

A short meditation on the dialectics of this week's rehearsal


1) Singing Bach
2) Standing next to Liz and Judith
3) New rehearsal arrangement - better acoustics for some maybe?
4) Singing Lotti and some rather jolly sections
5) Cups of tea and biscuits - thank you Mona
5) Learning music which I hope will influence my composition
7) Margaret saying positively after the break 'Back to Work' - I feel 'Right, let's go'
8) Russell winking at me - feeling included and input acknowledged in friendly way
9) Learning a little German from so many articulate conversationalists


1) Singing Bach
2) New rehearsal arrangement - where do the chairs go back? Arrrgh
3) Singing Lotti to dah, ooo, mah, mmm - very confusing for the brain
4) Consuming sugar in the vain effort of creating more energy
5) Too many members called Judith/Jude (parents' fault)
6) Margaret saying positively after the break 'Back to Work' - I feel 'Oh dear, can't I have another biscuit'
7) Russell winking at me - feeling embarrassed and that I must be doing something wrong
8) Didn't learn German at school - inadequate language skills - 'nein, wass ist das? das ist uberoffentittengeil' ... remembering very unsuitable boyfriend from Dusseldorf who taught me that a long time ago
8) Not being able to go to the pub, so slinking off home. Cheers everyone!

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