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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ginger and pear loaf update

This was marvellous. You can cook the best stuff by using what you find and completely ignoring recipes. We had it with buttermilk left over from Blanaid's bake-athon for her friends' birthdays. She tells me buttermilk is cheap as it is the old curds and whey. Tastes like runny yoghurt. I like it better than cream I think. Good find.


  1. Hey Jude, why are you obsessed with food right now? I think we should be told! While we're on that subject, I had a vegetarian curry today - chick pea and coconut curry. (I later had a hot sausage roll, but didn't buy that in the same, or any, vegetarian cafe...)

  2. I am obsessed not with food but with making and growing food. But I am glad you had a vegetarian curry, sounds very nice. A hot sausage roll on the same day, really pushing the boat out there Tony.

  3. The definition of buttermilk is vague over here. You can't get what I'd call real buttermilk at the supermarket; what they sell there is an abomination. I have fond memories of a creamy buttermilk we used to get in Colorado.