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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lucy's Diary - Rock Kicks!

I love this poptastic, rocktastic offering from the very sexy very upbeat punk-poppy Lucy's Diary. It's just the right kind of mix of polished-unpolished. Dirty, experienced buoyancy. Haven't heard anything so attitudinal and relentless for a while.

I love Lucy's Diary on stage too. They are Antifolk heroes. L can really give it some blonde-rocker swagger.

There's lots of stories of her precarious life in these stolen episodes from pages of her diary. It's a great example of how to turn life into art, in a rock and roll style. We could do with more women like Lucy on the music scene IMHO, we probably have enough wistful bunnies hopping about right now.

Track list - helps give an idea of the kind of entries in L's Diary:-

Not Your Type At All
Jumped in the Sea
Less of Me
No Be Good
Rock Kicks
The Party Line
Dirty & Smudged
You Can't Come in I'm Dead
Song 1
Porno Mags & Sofas

Lucy's Diary are Lucy Joplin and JJ Crash.
Here's Lucy giving it some attitude on stage - she's so beautiful isn't she.

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