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Friday, 4 February 2011

Vis the Spoon's 'Spoonful of Poison'

Played Vis's night at the Urban Bar opposite Whitechapel tube yesterday. There were some hiccups in his rather anarchical evening but I enjoyed my little set. I did Reuters material, using the stories from Reuters items, improvising with my Microkorg and my Zoom drum machine. I particularly enjoyed interpreting the two stories about the ice fishing competition in China and the ice swimming in Moscow. Thank you Vis, you are such a tremendously witty and warm host. Vis was so kind, he said 'I've found the new Ivor Cutler, and it's Jude Cowan'. I was so pleased, even though he's terribly gracious and flattering he's not full of shit so he must have meant something to compare me to Ivor Cutler. Well, it makes me feel good today to think of it!

I met Matt at an Ivor Cutler evening hosted by Roddy Lumsden so that makes me feel even more wonderful when our names are mentioned together ...

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