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Sunday, 5 August 2012


Yesternight went to The Nursery to see Imprology, especially because it featured my wonderful friend Julie Mullen, who improvised remarkably with the rest of the team.

The Nursery is in a railway arch near to London Bridge and if you can find it (not easy) it's a great venue, although the trains thunder overhead like a storm, interrupting the songs and speeches.

My friend Kevin was there and played guitar and some musical accompaniment to the sound songs and improvised pieces. He also joined in to be one half of a brother and sister on a bus, who had forgotten to buy any dinner. The audience provided the situations. I particularly enjoyed the piece the group created for 'The Lost Goose', my suggestion for a fairytale.

'Sunday Lunch' or 'The Possessed Chicken' was also an interesting one, as was 'The End of the World' as a Russian musical. I liked the fact that the director of Imprology, Remy, got stuck in with the group rather than standing on the side. He helped link the pieces for the audience and had fun treating the audience a bit 'badly' which I think helped morale and confidence among the players.
Julie did a remarkable job as a pig in love in a theatrical story of her life. She's so funny! I would be happy to go to see another Imprology night some time. Remy's work is quite challenging and he stirs his group to really interesting performances, usually very surreal.

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