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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Will Hames at Spoonful of Poison

My new friend Will who I met at Spoonful of Poison has sent me a poem for my blog. What an honour! Thank you Will. It's delightful. In fact, it's two poems.

Nice, silly poems Will - are you a fan of Spike Milligan by any chance?



Although you are entitled to your special point of view

I think you're a hermaphrodite. You know what YOU can do!


I could eat an elephant on toast, for just a snack

I could climb an oak tree with both hands behind my back

I could whistle "Dixie" while I drink a glass of milk

I could comb a coconut until it's smooth as silk

I could spell "chrysanthemum" without a calculator

I could build a house from two short planks and a potater

I could do most anything, and I could show you how

I could tell the truth, but I cannot be arsed right now.

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