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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Chips with dips and a glass of red

I met Ms Charlotte Hopkins, fellow archivist and art historian in The Duke for a bowl of their excellent chips. Charlie was looking terribly glamorous and stylish as per usual in cloche, bold print dress and crocheted bolero.

Charlie's nearly finished her MA in Victorian Studies so soon she will have more space for artistic messings. She speaks fondly of her oboe, mouldering in its case. Oh poor neglected instrument, locked away and lonely! Her embouchure has melted with disuse, her breathing has lost its power; and so she will have an affair with the recorder which doesn't require as much stamina. With her descant or treble we should be able to gallop through polkas and mazurkas.

We talked about how we need fun, unpredictable moments and charm to keep us feeling alive ... plans are afoot for dancing, and 1930s inspired photos. Clearly, we also need to pose.

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