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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Peach and chocolate

A boiling hot Soho was redeemed by cool scoops of peach and chocolate ice cream with my good friend Meg Lee Chin, songwriter, musician, engineer and all round decent egg. Meg is my fount of knowledge for things computerwise. She has been in some interesting projects. There was her first all-female band Crunch - the women got to number one in Russia - and her vocal work with the industrial band Pigface. Her own album Piece and Love did pretty well, and has been used for the soundtrack to programmes made by Showtime including Queer as Folk and Sleeper Cell. She's been distracted from music for some time now with a court case. Please, if I could give one bit of advice, don't neglect music to go to court, it's a waste of life. She's a phenomenal performer and I hope she's able to give her attention back to her art soon. Good luck Meg x

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