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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Summer morning

The Thames is especially enchanting when I walk to work. In these early hours it is low tide, and the mud beaches dry in the heat. As I passed the Globe Theatre I saw a group of Canada geese on the shores. Among the straggle of adults, two fluffy grey goslings cuddled together, their heads and necks entwined.

Strolling down the work corridors into the basement I met my buddy, the wireman who arrives for the same hyper-early start and with whom I always exchange a few words. Today he said, 'These hot mornings make everyone feel happy'.

I have been writing a song which will feel good to play outdoors, and offer a real sunny vibe. It's more or less finished now, bar lyric tweaks, but needs 'playing in'. Its about a moment of friendship / courtship shared between two best friends, in which they spend a couple of hours on a boat away from the pressures of the world. Feels quite literary. Like many short stories it has an unsettling ending. I think it has an Edwardian setting though the language sounds a little more recent.

Which reminds me that I'm reading Helen Dunmore's short stories, Love of Fat Men, set in long, Nordic day/nights. There seem to be an awful lot of underwear in them.

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