Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lucia Nogueria and 9.5mm

It's Saturday, and I walked home via the Tate Modern as I often do on a weekend. The evenings are great for seeing the work as it's not too crowded. I like to see a small part of the collection seriously and think about it for the next couple of weeks. Today I watched Lucia Nogueria's film, her intervention in Berwick. Enjoyed the static camera and the movement in the frame. That's something I like about early film. It had a nice texture, with the wind and the kites, the shadows and the grass and flowers, and shot in black and white grainy analogue film.

My 9.5mm movie camera arrived today. It hasn't got a lens, but I presume it needs one. I'm looking forward to filming some material on this amateur Pathe stock, and projecting it on the home projector. I see Matt has got the projector off the shelf. It's old but cute. He particularly admires the Bakerlite plug. He reckons he can get it to work, so there may be some amateur B&W film soon to share. Not till next year though.

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