Wednesday, 3 November 2010

We will be free‏ - new song in the making

Plans are afoot for a new song for Matt and me, on accordion and vocals ...

It's to be sung like a glorious hymn-folk song from the fringes of Old Russia as it appears in my imagination.

Here's the lyrics. So far ...

When the Working Class Still Believed in Paradise

We will be free
We will be happy
We won't be sorry
That we were born

We will be young
For eternity
We are the chosen
Behold the dawn

All of you people
Listen and learn
Swell our small number
Add to our throng

It's not mathematics
It's not chemistry
It is our spirit
That moves us in song

All of you people
Hear and be glad
We're going over
to sweet paradise

We will be happy
Rise like the sun
Blazing our banner
Embroidered with light

We will burst joyous
With true love and pride
come and be joined
on the other side

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