Friday, 27 August 2010

Aster Aweke

One of my more recently discovered heroines of la musique is Aster Aweke. Yes again I've found her by listening to Late Junction, what would I do without that show? She's from Ethiopia and uses a lovely vocal texture.

I love the way she sings over band music. She is always light in her treatment, which is difficult when you sing over a loud band. Listening to her has made me want to sing with a band for the first time in many many years. Would have to be the right players though. Maybe I'll ask some old friends if they might let me have a shot.

I'm really into a song of hers on youtube called 'Emiyee' which has a rather eeky poppy jazzy accompaniment but her vocals are just so delicate and strong. I would like to get her new album. Fiona Talkington keeps playing tracks from it and it has great traditional music accompaniment which I adore.


  1. Hey Jude - you need a laser eye op - I've had two.

  2. I do but I need to spend the money on making albums no one buys

  3. I haven't even got to that stage of making albums no-one buys! For me that is still a distant mirage!! Anyway, i'm a proud purchaser of your album!