Monday, 18 October 2010

Desperado Housewives at the Palatine

The party at the Palatine went down really super well. Razz performed his initiation ceremony without fault and brought a cake. We then sung Happy Birthday to someone because no one there was having a birthday.

Kath and Helen were on top musical form. The contrast and charm of our musical soirees is just so wonderful. The different voices really set each other off and provide a lot of variety beyond that of the normal singer-songwriter evening, which can be quite dull to perform at, let alone go to.

Frog Morris was our first ever token male. He read a poem and we set him a challenge to go off and translate it into another language. He translated it into html. I, sadly, understood it. It was an epic piece, and Razz asked him if he wanted to perform it at Tottenham Chances.

I have an idea that we should create a Desperado Housewives merchandising site, along the lines of the 'micro-independent' record label that I have been impressed with. We can sell limited edition CD-Rs with handmade covers and also strange bits on handicraft, such as knitted things by Kath, or Helen's sketches (signed and personalised?) and my paintings and embroideries (which I haven't done yet but certainly plan to start doing). If nobody buys them, doing the site will be wonderful in itself just to see it there ... lurking on the web in its artistic glory. Maybe we can become a 'Cult'. I think we should at least have a Woman-i-festo ...

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