Sunday, 31 October 2010


Met the lovely members of Hexa, an NY band at a little soiree last night. They did a nice acoustic set in the party which I heard happily through the walls although I was in the kitchen talking to Matt and an audio artist called Karl Blake whose CD we had previously heard in the car when we drove to pick up the second 'cello from Tring. My excuse for my lack of audience participation was that I was very tired as I was in the middle of my weekend shift. And there were tortilla crisps. Sorry Hexa.

Thanks to Rob Murphy and Scotty for a nice evening and the nice crisps, and here's one of Hexa's videos, about a picture of an owl and some other stuff too. I really like the lyrics. 'The Owl is Yellow'. Matt played me them a little while ago but I didn't get them on first hearing. Now I do.

The band are on tour at the moment and will be doing an even wider-ranging one in a month's time which sadly means they won't be in NY during my December visit. But look out, they may be coming to a venue near you.

In the afternoon, David from Hexa did 'Devil Island's Discs' with Scotty and Rob, so that will be playing on Resonance FM very shortly. In that show they pick a song that they hate, and discuss why they hate it. The song they chose was 'Georgie Girl' from the 1960s, which seems to be a song telling a young girl that she doesn't look good and her life is unfulfilled, but what she needs to do to sort that out is go shopping. As a mother of a teenager, I can totally identify with their hatred of the 'message' in this song. However, as a young listener myself, I really enjoyed the bouncy hook of this catchy little number.

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