Monday, 18 October 2010

Strange fruit pudding and market stalls

I bought four boxes of fruit for a pound from the stall at the bottom of Gray's Inn Road. I really liked the young girl who was serving. Her teenage friends stood about smiling. She decided to offer me four instead of three, making great value super great, and we had a little respectful laugh about the misunderstanding between her and the previous customer. This is the kind of moment which reminds me why I like markets and market stalls and not shops. It's worth the odd appalling purchase and gamble for the exchange, even if you didn't sometimes get the best results.

This time it was a great purchase. I had a selection of fruits to play with - plus a couple of bananas I'd bought earlier. I used the plums with bacon (using a pound of nice smoked I'd picked up from Spitalfields that morning at about 6.30am) in a couscous fry up, and used the orange (juice and grated rind), banana (sliced) and tangerine segements to make a funny pudding, opening a can of Tesco's budget syrup pudding and soaking it in the watery-syrupy citrus goo. It worked so well Matt said he was sorry when it was over. Even Blanaid ate a bit of both courses although she's not as enthusiastic as us. I think what she'd like best is a chicken salad wrap from Nandos.

I must get some nice alcohol for tipping a little slug into these puddings - maybe a nice whisky. Matt bought some calvados which he had nestling on his boat but Katya the photographer came round and drank it. Grrrrrr.

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