Friday, 29 October 2010

Up the River Lee

Just come back from a few days with Matty up the river. Wonderful weather. Sunny, mild, only one day of rain.

We got as far as Broxbourne, which has a really interesting old church with gargoyles and deer heads all around the gutters. Graffitti carved in ancient yellow sandstone ... and a lovely green, with an avenue down which you can imagine handsome carts and horses rattling the gentry to Sunday service, groom perched on the back to see to the horses.

Some nice little shops including a lovely butchers (sorry vegetarians) where we bought rabbit and venison pie, and a lovely piece of rump beefsteak.

Really had a lovely time, and felt like we really were on holiday. We also took some sound recordings which was great - train sounds and footsteps on the towpath. I would have liked to get the morning geese activity but the road was too noisy when we we heard the best bird sounds, which was at Tottenham Hale. Got some nice photos though, rather abstract ones of the riverside and the boat and working the locks, doing those important jobs like filling up with water. It's hard work on the boat.

I have started embroidering a cushion cover of black felt to commemorate our benign autumn holiday. Got quite far actually - did our faces and the boat with Solly on board, but feel I need a little more ... possibly a map like representation of our route. It made me realise I need to get a darning needle - wonder where you buy them these days apart from John Lewis?

When we got back I found out that foxes had been attacking the duck pen. They seemed to have bitten through a bit of the wire for ventilation round the pen. Matt, bless him, he's going to do some reinforcement.

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