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Monday, 28 November 2011

The Ballad of Poly and Sharik Part Two

Poor little Poly. Where had she gone? We were terribly worried. Then Matt and I went to the Denmark Rainbow to stay with Teddy and Jenny, all the way to Orbyhage in South Jutland. We had a lovely time canoeing on the shallow sea and eating Jenny's delicious cakes, and scouring fields for stone age flint tools. But after that we came home to a lonely drake. Then Matt popped into the Tarn, our local bird sanctuary, and asked a lady who was working there if they had seen a Muscovy. Imagine our delight and surprise when she told us this story ...

Poly had been found by a neighbour on the other side of Fairy Hill Park, who lives on Broad Lawn, a lady also called Jenny. Jenny Broad-Lawn had fed the strange, tame bird, and taken her in. As she was going into hospital that afternoon she phoned the RSPCA, who took young Poly away. When the RSPCA found out she was ours the lady brought her back after inspecting our duck pen, which she pronounced truly an Edenic environment for two Muscovies.

So Poly was returned. Apparently there were posters advertising her 'found' status on the other side of the park - we hadn't seen them as we were in Denmark, plus we only sometimes walk to that side of Fairy Hill, we usually go the other way up to Eltham.

Hurray! Here's a picture of Poly and Sharik enjoying morning ablutions, a bowl of hot water on a frosty morn.

Foulkstone at Scaledown 25th Nov

Singing the Pace Egging Song

The Ballad of Poly and Sharik Part One

Blanaid left the ducks out after dark and we had a fox attack. Sadly Nick Nack was killed, I saw her throw up her little web feet and die, there by the pond. I left the body for the hungry foxes. Sharik was standing still by the pen, bite marks on his neck. Poor Sharik. But he was alive. But where was Poly. Later on by the house I saw Solly chase Loki the cat and he disturbed Poly who flew across the garden, panicking. We didn't clip the ducks this year just in case. I'm so glad. She flew across the park. Blanaid went next door and got Andrew to come with her into the park where they saw Poly. But they had Rosie the guide dog with them, and Rosie scared Poly. Poly flew off and we didn't know what had happened to her.


A wonderful, lovely, satisfying Foulkestone second gig at Scaledown on Friday. Thank you to Mark Braby and co for hosting a great night. Nice to see Sexton Ming briefly, although couldn't stay for his improvisation.

The vocoder sounded great on Pace Egging song - in which we requested money from the audience via a traditional song. This was opportune as donations were sought almost immediately afterwards.

A very nice evening. Video coming soon.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Matt in watercolour

More pictures from an exhibition

The mouse is fixed!

Argh it has been a terrible mouse time with it freezing constantly. Then Matt changed the USB port it was plugged into and now it works smoothly. Oh he is so clever.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Patricide 4 - The Sounds of Surrealism

Neil from Patricide sent me this message which I pass on to my good readers ....

I thought that you might like to know that the new edition of Patricide is now available.

Patricide 4: The Sound of Surrealism

Package includes a 182 page book and 42 track audio CD

Available to purchase from the website below by credit/debit card via Paypal

Friday, 11 November 2011

Jon Snow at Woolfson and Tay

Monday, 7 November 2011

Woolfson and Tay - special opening with Jon Snow

It was a wonderful public event at the exhibition last night with Jon Snow who came along after the Channel 4 news.

I was thrilled so many folk asked such interesting questions. Thanks specially to Ruth Larbey who said, very interestingly to me, that my role as an archivist and artist of news stories was a metaphor for people experiencing and processing news in today's 24 hour news culture.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Matt, no filter

A few photos using Quality Street wrappers as filters

Half filter, half not filter. From the boat.

A few photos using Quality Street wrappers as filters

Fourth is Canary Wharf seen from the cab. I like these colours they are very intense and remind me of silk screen printing.

A few photos using Quality Street wrappers as filters

Third is a strange advert in a tree. Reminded me of Billie Holiday singing Strange Fruit. Very eerie and troubling.

A few photos using Quality Street wrappers as filters

Second is our cab again, on the Woolwich ferry, nose peeking cheekily out from behind the metal important-thing.

A few photos using Quality Street wrappers as filters

First in our black cab. He's away having his MOT today.