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Monday, 25 May 2020

Desperado Housewives

The Desperado Housewives are Kath Tait, Helen McCookerybook and Jude Cowan Montague.

This is our lockdown piece, a collaborative song and video which shows our anarchist leanings.

Friday, 15 May 2020

Crumpsall Riddle

Looking After The Duck, the album recorded by Steven Ball and me under the name Crumpsall Riddle, is attracting quite a bit of attention and some critical praise. I'll dedicate this post to reviews of and other news about the album and update it as and when there is something new.

It's out on CD from Wormhole World.

Here's an interview we recorded with Andy N for Spoken Label:

 ...a masterful craft, spilling an abundance of emotion without superimposition or myriad sound designs; rather seizing the breath of the listener through an adventure of minimal instrumentation: structuring scenic palpation’s.  
- Anti: Music Review
 If people just had ten precent of expressive freedom as Crumpsall Riddle have accumulated over here, the world would be already a much more fascinating and wonderful place!
- Yeah I Know It Sucks speed reading somebody else’s book collection whilst listening to the Bagpuss soundtrack as whistling Jack Smith rifles through your girlfriend’s knickers drawer just out of view...  
- Monolith Cocktail 
What a triumph of beauty! One of my albums of the year and comes with the highest possible recommendation from TQ zine.
- TQ Zine issue 30


     The Wire Magazine issue 437


Grateful to @thewiremagazine for pointing me in the direction of this eccentric, fragile and surprising set of songs @WormholeWorld

    - Tom Clayton on Twitter