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Friday, 24 February 2012

the Lion King

I did this portrait of Matt - sadly the colours make it look rather cod African. Any suggestions for saving it from this fate?

More printmaking - in the studio

In the print studio in Camberwell

Starting germinating

Yellow leeks, yellow chilis and yellow tomatoes - and Amish paste huge toms, all starting now!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Reuters poem

It's been very very cold in Eastern Europe. Here's a poem about a Reuters story from the Ukraine. Brrrrr.


Stop van on forest road,
light pine to thaw hands.

Rusty 68 indicates
a dwelling hung with monumental icicles.

Stove air lifts family photographs
stuck to pink flock wallpaper

with yellowing tape. Stroke warm cat.
More logs please.

Lloyd on the piano seat

I went into Brian's studio yesterday to work on another range of Reuters improvisations. We also did a couple of songs for the 'beautiful album' with bass and DX7.

I don't have a picture, so here's Lloyd on the piano seat. He's regrowing his hair in a little bald triangle where he lost his coat in a recent fight.