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Sunday, 30 January 2011

More duck action

Duck action

Lost camera pix 2

Train windows ... the photographs, not the sketches

Lost camera

... but now it's found. These pix were on there.

Lorry wheel

An engine hoist, so Matt tells me

Ginger biscuits cooking in the oven

Duck ginger biscuits!

On the Woolwich Ferry

Entrance to the Woolwich Ferry

Crossing the river on the Woolwich Ferry

See Canary Wharf in the background?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Rail with tools

Entrance to the spraying room - Rainham taxis

Tap in the taxi yard


Cart for carting engines - a flat wheelbarrow.

Jay sweeping up at Rainham taxis

Rainham Taxis

Rainham Taxis

Birds and tyres

Graphite sketch

Graphite bird, trees and light

Rainham Taxis

Bumpers and panels in piles at Rainham Taxis.

To let

'To let' sign at the old Ford site at Dagenham, a strange, vast place littered with piles of industrial waste and shrubs growing from the tarmac cracks. Once, EVERYONE worked there. Today it looks apocalyptic.


So you think this chap is doing the knowledge because he has a board on the front of his bike? We saw him at Rainham. Matt says that Rainham Taxis where we were going is probably a knowledge point. He tried to tell me what that means but I was too busy balancing my sketch book with the graphite drawings to dry in my airing cupboard as I have put too much fixative on. I sprayed them too close up and made them too wet. I'm rather upset, and shan't do that again. He later explained that when you're doing the knowledge you have to explain how to get from point to point taking the quickest and cheapest route.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Asemic writing series

Found others in the my series of asemic writing done with stationary. So here they are.

Train window - sky

Began to draw the sky out the train window - as I said in the previous post, it helps do different pictures when you travel in daylight!

Sketch from the train

... and here's more experiments in mark making. What a different it makes going on the train in daylight! Tomorrow it will be back to the dark world of commuting.

Sketch in front garden

This one's a semi-abstract of me looking in the window in the front garden - another 'locked out sketch'!

Looking back at this one I feel particularly pleased with it. I think it could be showing me the way to go when I do my children's illustration evening course at City Lit in the summer term.

Cab in garden

And this one's an abstract of the cab in the front garden! Very pale colours and speckled so you can hardly work it out. In this sketch I'm experimenting with faintness and variety of line/mark.

More ink sketches when I was locked out this afternoon

This one's from inside the cab. You can see the safety belt and no smoking sign on the cab window. It's a kind of abstract impression.

It was nice to do some sketches from a different perspective to my train journeys.

Locked out sketches

I got myself locked out. Luckily I had sketching materials on me. I painted / drew these with a brush and coloured ink. They're abstracts based on my front garden.


I'm contemplating starting an etsy shop for sketches etc. Hands up those who already sell artwork on Etsy? Has anyone had any success selling items. Personally I don't care about selling pieces of work so much as I care about just showing them to anyone and everyone who might be interested, and mostly, I just care about making the art. That's where the real satisfaction lies for me.

Asemic writing

A while ago I had a go at doing some asemic writing. I did a little series of sheets with staples, hole punch and biro, the kind of materials you find in the stationary cupboard at work. Here's one of the pieces.

The other pieces have gone astray but if I find them I'll post the whole lot, as it's more satisfying to see them within the variety of the sequence.

Silent film music at the London Metropolitan Archives

I've just arranged to do the accompaniment for a silent film at the LMA. I've got a disc of films to choose from. We're going to do it in late May.

I just had lunch with Lydia Pappas from the LMA. I went to see their new exhibition space afterwards. I noticed they had two original prints by Edward Bawden hung on the walls. Nice linocuts. This is one of them. It's of Borough market. I walk through Borough market each morning on the way to work. I guess that's Southwark Cathedral in the background.

Bird funerals in Surat

Caring people having a ceremony for birds killed during the kite flying festival.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Streets of Eltham at night

Had to walk home the long way. The train to Mottingham was delayed. It's handy being able to stop off at Eltham and walk past Kate Bush's old house.


Still sketching commuters. No one has got annoyed - yet. Or showed it at any rate. I try to be discreet but it's not easy.