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Sunday, 14 December 2014

'From Print to Collage' - solo exhibition @ Bridewell Theatre Bar Gallery

Private View on 8 December included a piano performance by Louis Vause.

I played some new Winter Songs from my forthcoming London Bones album with my friend Steve Moyes.

Photos by Rachel Mayfield.

Photos by Julian Firth


Monday, 10 November 2014

Jude C Montague's World News Oratorio 3

Saturday 8th November, 2014

At St John on Bethnal Green

Mixed media oratorio
composed by Jude C Montague and co-composers and artists
Based on the Reuters Life! News feeds
Introducing Calum F. Kerr as KIRK QUIRK
and the narrators Megan Cherie Owens and Lance
What happens when Quirky News gets out of hand and takes over all the feeds ......
Think Eurovision Song Contest meets 24 hour news-stream.
Bees, baby giraffes and the Number 99

With Matt Armstrong Robbie Judkins Mark Braby, Cos Chapman, Bettina Schroeder, Georg Heutmekers, Robbie Judkins, Iris Garrelfs, Ali Warner, Matt Scott, Steve Moyes, Eze Chimalio, Rachel Smedley, Sonic Pleasure, Charlotte Grace

Visuals by Paola de Ramos, Jude C Montague and Joanna McCormick

Followed by the releasing of 8,000 dreams in an outdoor ceremony organised by Rebecca Feiner and presided over by the Reverend Al Green

photos by Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick

photos by Calum F Kerr and Miyuki Kasahara