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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dangerous breakfast

Matt made a nice omelette with ginger. We went to sit on the taxi bench by the duck pond to eat it. Sharikov, our Muscovy drake looked a bit posey, doing his neck bob and opening his gob right in front of us. We ignored it as best we could. Then Matt got up and walked to have a look at the lettuce in our homemade greenhouse. Sharikov attacked and got his trouser leg. Matt ran through the gate back into the other half of the lawn, jettisoned his coffee, trapped Sharikov in the gate by the neck, shouted 'Help!' But I needed help, having climbed onto the bench and wanted Matt to lift me back into the garden over the picket fence. I didn't want to be bitten by that beak on my bare legs. Meantime Solly is launching himself at the wood and chicken wire like a self-propelled battering ram.

Breakfast was still nice, the sun was shining all the while, and the dew is shining in the light. Going to be a hot day. Will have to go and rescue the plates later from the back of the garden, when Shari's calmed down.


  1. You ducked your responsibility there, Jude...

  2. yes I got off drake free (not really a pun but a bit playful, yes?)