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Friday, 17 June 2011

Swiss Church Sound Art

On Thursday I went to the Swiss Church on Endell Street in Covent Garden for a free Sound Art do. Was very nice. I was particularly interested to hear the take on Purcell, which was supposed to see his timbre and type of music mixed with other sounds.

David Toop was the main man of the evening and I did like the way he had a little microphoned board for sticks and stuff. I think I would like one of those for going out and performing, makes you feel like a cook.

Lore Lixenberg was the main vocalist on the Purcell part. The room had an incredible reverb. Terrible for speaking but very easy for a vocalist to play with. I like the idea of doing experimental baroque and want to explore this area myself which is why I was particularly interested.

Time to record another World News Vision radio show this morning!!! Before the gang get up ... especially noisy doggy.

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