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Monday, 25 July 2011


Yesterday I improvised three fado inspired songs based on today's news stories from the Reuters archive.

It was a beautiful evening, with wonderful Portuguese food, set in the atmospheric and artistic Dalston Boys Club.

Matt and I were entranced by a rather magical performance by Sofia and her theatre friends, in which the beautiful and moving tradition of Fado was worked into a charming and delightful piece of theatre. I was enchanted, and it wasn't just that she was her friends. The physical and vocal performance was really gorgeous and it reminded me of some of the New Wave French cinema, especially as Sofia and friends wrote the piece around their experiences in London so real life and real fantasies wove themselves into the traditional and contemporary artforms. I'm thinking of the films that Godard made with Anna Karina, particularly Une Femme est Une Femme - so lighthearted and about being young in the city and relationships.By the way - very impressive and magical guitar work too from the two wonderful players.

I really hope it gets made into a piece of cinema. I'm going to suggest that!

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