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Sunday, 14 August 2011


Flirting with oils again! Painting autobiographical scenes in mediaeval style borders on a piece of wood that Matt found in the street. I sized it with acrylic gloss gel. Must get some transparent acrylic gesso, see if it makes a difference. I'm using only one brush, maybe that's a mistake but it makes a kind of naive folk art style, which when it comes to this kind of work, is my style. It's all experimentation at the moment. Well this is.

I was looking at medieval illustrations from one source and saw that borders are made of objects magnified whereas the scene of the saint enclosed was in miniature as if viewed by a telescope. I found this interesting and started to apply it to scenes from my life, but soon forgot and began making my borders out of symbolic material that could be associated with each scene, in my life anyway. For example, on one outdoor scene of the boat and solly I put the sun moon and clouds to signify how 'out of doors' having the boat makes us feel, which is what we like about it, even in winter. Well one of the things we like about it.

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