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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Monomono-Banza Diaries by Eze Chimalio, a sort of review by me

Monomono-Banza Diaries
by Eze Chimalio
published by Dark Windows Press
I love graphic novels and this is an area that's really grown in popularity recently. I was interested in this book initially as I'm interested in Dark Windows Press - a important small press for the surrealist community which publishes the magazine Patricide.
My impression is wow, really sophisticated nihilistic stuff, closest thing I can think of is Robert Crumb. Gives me the same kind of dark feeling of paranoia and wanting to just lock yourself away from the world because it's all totally pointless.
For me it is fascinating to see the African community in this kind of dark, seedy light. I like the way the subject moves between the different strata of society. The use of the babies thoughts, the internal monologue even of the smallest child.
As someone who works on the Reuters international community I recognise a lot of the social issues touched on the book - such as the plight of orphans, HIV, the lure of terrorism for the young ... as a human being I relate to the internal commentary of anxiety, selfishness and paranoia.
After reading this I feel a lot more frightened of and for the human race. Is that a good thing? It's a powerful 'read'.

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