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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cathy Flower

My lovelissimo friend Cathy Flower, who so kindly took the very valued pix of Beechings Axe at the Rhythm Factory has sent me a poem, at my request, for this blog. If you get a chance to see Ms Flower in action at a spoken word event, take it, for goodness sake, take it!

She's a very charismatic and confident and unique performer. Yes.

Speak Your Mind

Speak your mind and forever hold your peace

But no! I have something to say!

The grass is always greener if you love it

Am I going to die today?

They hold back secrets

A bleak moment escapade

Another marriage on the rocks

And river don’t stop running

Speak your mind my dear, tea will be served shortly.

But the Banksy should be on that wall

Don’t you see?!

I saw you counting notes

Will it be a symphony?

© Cathy Flower 2010

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