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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Gigging with Isolda Hawkes-Tan

Last night played a lovely gig at the Library, Upper Street, Islington with my friend Isolda Hawkes-Tan. I did some improv on the keyboard, including a nice song about Lady Gaga and her Judas video. In the middle I started clapping to illustrate a section about Lady Gaga and her fans. Then everyone started clapping too, and I was able to go on with the theatre. It seemed to bemuse everyone. Isolda thought it was funny and said it worked. And Donal the soundman was keen. I thought it wasn't a bad spot, you get 20mins or so for your act so it's a good place to practise a new set.

Isolda performed and she's sounding really confident and tuneful. Beautiful. Some of her songs are amazing, I really loved the first one about the innocents, and would love to hear it again. I might pester her for a copy. I hope she'll come and duet round at the home studio sometime soon.

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