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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Resonance Open

I'm cooking up an 'object' for the Resonance Open exhibition. The theme is 'Gone with the wind'. I have used some video I took at Coney Island of seagulls being fed, and of along the boardwalk taken with a camera action that echoes that of the famous Cyclone roller coaster and have put this to my Reuters improvisation about the Australian cyclone warnings earlier this year. I have put this already on you tube. Now I have put it as an mp4 on a Sony Walkman which plays the video fine. I'm now waiting for the speakers to arrive. I then have to make an object in which it can be suspended from the ceiling, and drop it off at Resonance before the end of the month. At least this call for submissions requires no entry fee. I would like to enter some of my sketches for the Threadneedle Prize but it's £12 each which is a lot of money if you enter three. It can be expensive to enter for prizes. Poetry prizes are expensive to enter too. And of course you have to expect to get nothing or it would drive you mad and you would be thinking about it. And then you would get nothing anyway as that's usually the way it goes. So I think I'm going to look for the calls for artists that don't insist on payment up front. I have two other little ones in mind, maybe I'll manage to progress with one of them today.

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