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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Andrea Robinson (printmaker)

I asked poet and printmaker Andrea Robinson if I could put one of her prints on my blog, and here it is.

It is part of a series of prints Andrea made about her grandparents. In this picture we see the couple set against fragments of music that formed a part of their lives against lampposts which symbolise to me the excitement of modern life, moving through the city in the early part of the twentieth century.

I think the colours, and the fading are very evocative and work brilliantly. The red, blue and fading purples interpret the smiles, the diappearing piano, the snippets of rhyming song, 'Two left feet, but oh so neat' with a cheerful yet distant resonance, reminiscent of our encounter with our grandparents' lives, which is through photo, art and story, rather than through direct sharing of experience. I found myself very moved by the piece and it's inspiring me to go back and do some fine art printmaking myself.

I recommend Andrea's own blog at of artwork, photographs and poems. It has memory boxes, open notebooks, monoprints and much more.

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