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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lhasa de Sela, Tramcar 41

I have been listening to Lhasa for inspiration, and have been learning La Maree Haute. Tremendous. I can't believe she's gone.

The passion and mood in her songs is legendary. From her I am discovering how to do more by slowing the song down. I have flirted with the slow, sparse song in country style in 'The Grim Reaper'; now 'Tramcar 41' joins that part of my repertoire, adding a Spanish / reggae hint.

This new song so far reminds me, very faintly, of 'Ghost Town' by the Specials which was such a massive hit in Thatcher's Britain. I don't have Rico's trombone so I'm forming my instrumental pieces by humming very low in my register and swooping. I get my mouth close to the neck and move up and down, pretending to myself that I am a cello bow.

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