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Monday, 19 July 2010

Antonionioni's 'Hey Jude' sonnet

My dear friend Tony from Manchester writes a sonnet a day. I only hope it keeps the doctor away.

Here is his latest, written for the two of us! We were in Ireland recently at a poetry and music festival, and he walked into a bog. I think this is the incident alluded to.

Anyone hazard a go at the number of Beatles songs referenced?

1414 - Hey Jude
Hey Jude, it only seems like yesterday
You saw me standing there, fool on the hill
That long and winding road to a hard day
Might in the end need your bungalow, Bill
I played it cool, four thousand holes to fill
Or fix, cos I’m the taxman, oh girl, girl
Was your magical mystery tour a thrill?
You’re something to this nowhere man: the world
Is at your command. Say say say the word
I’ve got to get you in my life, blue J
We can work it out, Jude, help me, I will
Hold your hand, come together like the birds
In the trees. Don’t let me down. Here I’ll stay
Another day. From me to you, until…


  1. Hi Jude - just in case anyone spots it, a couple of the references are not quite Beatles songs but related in some way ! but the vast majority are Fab Four!