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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Number 41 (part two)

The Number 41 is coming along nicely ...

It just needs to be taken to the bridge. Years ago I did a songwriting class with Ray Davies (The Kinks) and he emphasised the importance of the bridge. Now it isn't always necessary but this song would benefit from one I think ...

I have verses about the passengers on the tram. And there's has been an incident of some sort that involved and linked all of them, although exactly what is not clear. I am adding symbols to increase the sense of mystery, and to emphasise the daily life of being on a tram or bus. So far I have an orange and an alcoholic.


  1. Ray Davies masterclass - cool, Jude. Eee, sometimes i almost wish i lived in London...!!!!!

  2. That wasn't in London, twas in Devon, but it was rather good. I went to record at Konk for Ray afterwards.