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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Bell technician and a terracotta archer

Googling my name (to see if there are any new reviews, okay ... ) I have discovered I am a Bell technician in China, who is marvelling at the terracotta army.

I say, like I'm in a play (perhaps one by Joe Orton) "I've never seen such a fantastic life-size piece" . I deliver my line in front of a kneeling archer warrior with color pigment, placed in a glass case.

What is a Bell technician?


  1. I'm not sure of the definition of a bell technician, but I imagine a large proportion of the world's bell technicians work at this place in Quebec, which I visited 20 years ago and really enjoyed. You can walk around the grounds, which are open late into the night and ring any bell that's not closed for repair (by a bell technician I assume). Some of them leave your body vibrating for a minute or more.

  2. Wow - la plus grande collection de cloches au monde ... the big bells are phenomenal. Have you seen the bell being made in the Tarkovsky film 'Andrei Rublev'? I love Tarkovsky.

  3. I haven't seen that film, but I'll look it up now. Thanks!