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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hidden Away - Sapphire Lounge

Last night I went to play at a club that I like to return to every now and then, David Hatton Alexander's Hidden Away at the Sapphire Lounge, Victoria.

It's a strange set up, with the music in the main bar, alcoves (with TVs) and there are always some peculiar touristy drinkers. Yesterday there appeared two very wrinkly visitors from Zimbabwe, some ageing farmer and his slightly younger chum, who seemed to be trying to give his aged pal 'a good time'. I was nice to them but I couldn't help thinking 'I bet you guys have seen or even been part of some atrocities ...' so felt weird and hypocritical talking to them. They were very irritating but in a kind of post-stage stupor I found myself unable to get past them to the black guy who had clapped my song so loudly that I had been on my way to thank him. So I failed totally in my desired post-act interaction with the audience.

The surprise of the evening for me was how well my new song 'Georgie', which is very melodic and summery, went down. David said it was his favourite. Great. So this new groove is a goer. Maybe I will write more cheery summery ditties with a laid back jazzy lilt. And earlier this year I was thinking of writing a 'gardening album'. Away with the Gothic and threatening or anxious moody stuff ... ! Maybe ...

After I played the lovely Arthur Dust came on. I particularly like his song about the chap having his windows put in by 'persons unknown'. Very Canning Town, very scary, especially as Arthur doesn't see too well. There are evil people out there.


  1. Posted at 02:28, Jude - very conscientious blogging! (Or is that American time? Actually, of course it is!! you even begin with 'Last night,' for Gawd's sake! Mind you, it's still conscientious. First thing in the morning (rather than last thing at night) is still pretty good!