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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

With Bryan Causton

Bryan has done a little page on his site with the songs we did together. I recorded a few (not brilliantly) and he 'pimped' them for me very beautifully, with lots of interesting sounds. Eg a fly buzzing in 'Fella in the Cellar'.

He has spelt Electrification Electriffication. I kind of like that, but it's not very riffy really so I might tell him.


  1. Jude - 'Electriffication...' That reminds me of 'Crucifiction Lane' by Procol Harum. Although it's clever, ultimately it's more annoying than successful... Not that I think your song or anything about it is annoying...ooops, now I've put my foot in it. (It's a habit of mine, as you know...)!

  2. I believe he's corrected the spelling now, but maybe he was just using Welsh spelling conventions :)