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Monday, 19 July 2010

In Notts

What a delicious evening that was in good ol' Notts. I know it well, having been to many a British silent film festival there in days of yore.

The Orange Tree turned out to be a rather salubrious venue serving iced vanilla latte - superbo.

I got to play first, and sung my one song that I could think of with a Nottingham reference, 'Lady Chatterley's Dream', for my hero D.H. Lawrence did indeed hail from Nottingham. There's something so amusing about opening a song in a room full of folk with the line 'Put your hard skinned hands on my breasts'.

Then it was the turn of my favourite duo, The Big I Am. Pete and Colin also did the backing for Daniel Carson from New York, who sung a lovely song for his wife about how it didn't stop raining on their first romantic weekend. I was thrilled with the tone and quality of their sound, and really admired the way Colin can pull sheer beauty out of his guitar. The bloke who was sitting next to me said, 'The boys can play'. I felt delightfully smug, for they are my friends.

I love the rain like Daniel and his wife, but it's awfully sunny and boiling hot here in London. I just went to try and sleep in the afternoon, but it wasn't very successful. I dribbled over the duvet cover.

Thanks to Nick Butcher from Folkwit for organising a lovely event.

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  1. My Pleasure Jude - thanks for joining us - was a fitting end to a bsuy yet rewarding week. N x