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Friday, 23 July 2010

A sonnet a day

My friend Antonionioni writes a sonnet a day. They're good! And he lives in Manchester too.

I asked him to write me a sonnet for Kate Bush. I don't know if he normally does requests, but you can always ask ...

Sonnet for Kate Bush
She cartwheels her way across the west York-
Shire moors as the wind howls and the rain falls
The quiet-voiced sparrow learns to fly and talk
In high-pitched notes she makes her mating calls
Answered by males from Wales to far Cornwall
She dances with them but then flies away
Into the air, really ethereal
Not grounded. Then, like Plath, one cloudy day
She finds herself doing his washing. They
Expected so much more. It goes round. Walk
Into the sea, dear Kate; walk among shoals
Like Virginia; the lighthouse in the bay
Will light your way. There’s one in County Cork
The USA’s too far to reach landfall

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