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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Orhan Pamuk's Snow

This is my current commuting novel, and it was a good choice. I love the imaginary poems that come to Ka at significant moments.

Poems may sound better when described than encountered in their possibly disappointing construction. The idea of a poem may be a beautiful thing. Sometimes you don't want the clouds to part to reveal the mystery, especially if that mystery is not well lit and has only just got up.

This is how I feel at 5.50am, getting ready for the train to work.


  1. Hi there - I'm reading 'Dr Zhivago' - probably unwisely, last thing at night, so although the dense writing style grips me, it also puts me to sleep after about 5 pages! I used to read when commuting on public transport, but because i now walk to work, i don't get that particular window of opportunity to read.

  2. I partly walk to work, but travel by rail to London Bridge. I find that on the train is an excellent place to read because it's easier to concentrate without the distractions of home.