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Friday, 10 December 2010

Brooklyn Museum

Yesterday slopped over to Flatbush to see the Brooklyn Museum. First I stopped over at the Brooklyn Library where there was a lovely exhibition of children's illustrations. The building is tremendous, huge and impressive. I particularly enjoyed the Brian Lorca illustrations, done in pen and ink and watercolour. Nice, professional work, reminded me of the children's illustrations I loved in Puffin books when I was young.
Then passed the impressive entrance to the Botanical Gardens (I shall go in one day) and on to the Brooklyn Museum. It was wonderful. I really loved it. Especially the Edward Hicks which really caught my eye, the children sitting down with the animals in a folk art bonanza. I'm going to use it as a model for my 'Lamb & Tyger' CD when I get home, but I think I would like to paint the animals on a piano and then photograph that. So I need to buy an old piano and get some enamels maybe - although if I rip the varnish off I could use oils which would be closer to Hicks's technique.
I liked so much, I will have to write about my reactions one by one. Debs knows a lot a LOT about Edward Hicks, she has a Hicks style frame in the house, which has a different type of joint to fix it. She really knows a heap about art, a huge amount, a massive amount.

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