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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Fort Greene

Visited the local park where a Walt Whitman impersonator stalks park-goers with 'Leaves of Grass'. He wasn't there today though.

The park is named after General Nathanael Greene and a fort which he supervised the building of - Greene was an American revolutionary general who helped Washington in the Battle of Long Island in 1776.

The big monument in the middle and the crypt, now the visitor centre, is erected in the memory of the patriots who died on the British prison ships during the American revolution.

I walked a little further along, down Myrtle Avenue. Debs says that this was once called Murder Avenue, when things were much rougher here. Further I made my way through council housing (I think, some American version of) called after Walt Whitman, nosed at people taking their kids out on a Sunday afternoon and thought of London estates, rolled up at the Expressway to Queens. I didn't go any further though.

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