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Sunday, 26 December 2010

End of Christmas Shift

Hurrah! This Xmas Day and Boxing Day shift is over. I'm home now, and listening to Matt try out some lines on his bass for his session tomorrow with 'I Am a Kamura'. He has the hiccups which crosses his bass lines and makes for a complex and random rhythm.

I've just opened my pack for my archiving course to see the couple of items on Latin. I'm doing the Latin for Archivists module this term. So I am being incredibly bored. However I'd prefer to do Latin to one of the more general units such as those on Preservation. I've nearly finished this M Litt now, thank goodness, phew.

I'm going to listen to some files that my good friend Mitch Friedman has sent me, a karaoke version of 'The Spy' so I can sing it live without Mitch, but using his arrangement. And he says he has put in as a bonus a little video demo of our new 'Mitch and Jude' song, which he has written. Our idea is to do various pastiches of theme tunes together for a little ep. I'm going to write an Addams Family theme for us. He said that his version would be for a Monkees style show.

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