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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

MOMA and Rockerfeller's

Wow. What an amazing day yesterday. I forced Debs to come with me downtown to the Museum of Modern Art. We saw the two painting and sculpture galleries. I was particularly taken with the de Koonings, wow! And the Picassos. And the Motherwells.

I got introduced the American artist Andrew Wyeth for the first time. Very cinematic, very open air. Really transports you to that open skies and fields, the big American scenery.

Debs loves the pregnant goat in the sculpture garden. She used to sit there and eat her sandwiches by this Picasso.

Took a video of Deborah waving through the legs of a Futurist sculpture. Might post it on Youtube when I get home.

Strangely, I found a new toothbrush on the road outside, just what I need. My old one has died a death.

Afterwards we went to the Rockerfeller Centre, saw the huge Xmas tree, and darling chocolate shops, the cool Angels and all the people ice skating around and around.

Didn't have enough money to go in the Russian Tea Room (apart from poking my head inside the foyer) but I did pose as a teapot in the street outside.

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  1. I'm a teapot, i'm a teapot! (Copyright Tim Brooke Taylor)!