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Saturday, 11 December 2010

I love this picture

One hour to play. The next band is on next. Play. Who is there? A few people drinking. I'm here for the week. Explain the London knees up that I know from films and books only the same as a New Yorker. Demonstrate the cockney knees up. Sing expressively. Have fun. Pull some poses. Posters of this and that. Red walls, black walls. One drink per set minimum. Bartender-sound guy. The mic goes off by the piano. Bashing away at 'London'. Tell more stories. Sing songs. Handed a CD in at East Village radio. The store is a shop front. Young Jewish guy. 'That's great'. 'I love the picture'. 'Thank you.' So cold I can hardly speak. Wear, then take off scarf and hat. You've been a wonderful audience, New York.

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