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Friday, 16 July 2010

Among the beauty booths

Today was the big day. In fear and trepidation I met Jacqui at Oxford Street. To give me a moment to gather my nerves we detoured for sarnies and cappucino. But we couldn't stay there for ever, so off we went to John Lewis.

The range of make-up there is bewildering, disorientating and even terrifying. There are all these different booths of brands - which one? After spinning around feeling like I was in a game of Russian roulette I plumped for the same brand as Jacqui and was given a make-up lesson by the lovely Ellie from Leeds. She was brilliant! And Northern - which made me comfily at home. I'm even going to see her again.

If you can bear to read the next paragraph, please try not to vomit. This is a post I never thought I ever blog.

It actually was a wonderful experience. The make-up looked really natural, things have really come on a lot, and my skin does feel hydrated. I am horrified to say that the adverts seemed to come true. Made me feel weepy. Luckily the mascara is waterproof. Expensive though.

Now I'm listening to Mary Dillon's version of Kate Bush's 'Army Dreamers'. Love the Derry accent when she sings 'purple flowers'. Fantastic.


  1. Jude, I love Derry - it's a great place. Admittedly there was gorgeous summer sunshine when I was there, and Lough Foyle was lovely and blue - but it's also quite a bookish place. And it has some tremendous views.

    Ah, Kate Bush.......Crackers but in the most cute way possible - and importantly, highly intelligent x