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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Tom Robinson, Introducing, Radio 6

So my track Doodlebug Alley will be played on Tom Robinson's BBC Introducing show Fresh on the Net on Radio 6 this weekend.

I suspect the show goes out late enough for the producer to feel unperturbed by my singing 'arse' and the light swearing that helps create the song's swinging wartime chic.

Here's my preamble: 'It's the Second World War, 1944, and there's a new beast in the air. They call it the V1, the flying bomb, the doodlebug. It's a strange bird and it makes a strange sound; a long, low, farting sound. If you can hear it, you're in danger. If it stops, you're in the blast range.'

It will be available on a podcast afterwards.


  1. Fantastic! I for one will be listening, either live or on the podcast. Confirms my belief that Tom Robinson has a discerning ear!

  2. I haven't got the link yet, maybe it's next week ... I thought I'd get another email off the producers