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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fantastic cook

Debs is a fantastic cook. While I was swanning around the museums Debs busied herself preparing a very fine turkey, roast veg, salad and basmati rice. She laid on the most deliciious spread.

Our guests straggled in the New York night and were all so fantastic. Mitch Friedman and his lovely girlfriend Suzi who is a designer, Rachel and her boyfriend Simone (I think) who perform in an electro-pop outfit. And Shannon, who is a wonderful poet. I was delighted that she gave me a copy of her first chapbook, signed! It's really, really beautiful.

Debs's old friend Amos and his beautiful ridgeback Tripoli also came. Amos is so nice and kind. I really like him and his lovely shiny elegant dog.

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  1. Ach - yet again I read about FOOD before my dinner - LONG before my dinner! I...must ...not...make....dinner...yet... (Why?) Just so i can get something done before I relax and eat...