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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Nunc dimittis

I have been writing a little mediaeval sounding tune, singing in thirds and fourths in harmony with single notes on the ukulele.

I wanted to put some simple Latin to it, so I chose the 'Nunc Dimittis' but I'm most disappointed with the last line, 'gentium, et gloriam plebis tuae Israel' which makes a distinction between the gentiles and the people of Israel so I will cut those words out.

As a poet whose first collection will contain material written about certain stories from the Middle East about the ongoing conflict and occupation I feel that I can't afford to be lax in regards to this kind of expression.

At the same time I recognise the great emotional power in liturgial lyric. I note that I am repeatedly drawn to Latin as a language for singing.


  1. Ricky Martin is a good Latin artist, i believe, Jude - and Gloria Hunniford, I mean Estefan. But I'm not convinced. Nil desperandum!

  2. PS: Mission accomplished. (Of COURSE IT is...!!)

  3. Hmm, maybe Gaudeamus Igitur ? (

  4. Oh there's a brilliant Gaudeamus Igitur I heard, who did it? Fantastic boy choir version.

    Of coures there's the reference in Tom Lehrer's 'Bright College Days' I remember. Wikipedia have it too, 'Turn on the spigot, pour the beer and swig it, and gaudeamus igit-ur."' My dad was a massive TL fan.