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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fig tree

I bought a fig tree and planted it today. It looks a fine little thing. Fingers crossed we get lots of figgies.


  1. Matty has just told he had some figs of a neighbour in a syrup that must have been going off and they made him sick. Oh no! I hope it was the syrup and he isn't allergic. I don't think he is as he has had fresh figs before and they didn't make him ill. Oh dear, here I am fussing over him, and boring you all. I must be in love or something ...

  2. This little figgie... I'm getting hungry thanks to this article, Jude, but, well, no time to eat just yet!!! Actually I used to like syrup of figs when I was fed it on a spoon by my Mummy. What was it given for, i wonder? Sickness? Diarrhoea? Constipation? Yes, for some reason I have a feeling it was the latter. (I was seventeen at the time, that's why i remember it so clearly...joke.....)

    PS - Commission still not done but not forgotten!

  3. Maybe you can work the fig angle into the commission ...